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June 23rd, 2014

So, why did this take me so long?

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for more than a year now, but couldn’t make it to the finish line until today. Here’s why:

I am my own worst client.

I’m sure a lot of designers will agree with me: it’s really difficult to create something for yourself, thus being your own client. There are no deadlines, there’s no one to follow up on the progress and most important: only you decide whether the thing you’re working on is good to go or not. There are no budgets or time schedules involved. It’s finished whenever you think it’s finished, but it actually never is. It’s never good enough.

Or is it?

The result you’re seeing here lies far from the original design as I constantly felt the need to change every little detail. Should I go for a hand written logo or a font? Should it be more branded? Because that seems to be a ‘thing’ now. Reality check: I’m a person, not a brand. Should I make the titles bigger? Maybe there’s too much space in between the header and navigation, I need to take a look at that. Do I really need two sidebars? Of course I don’t, but it looks nice.

I think I made 10+ different design options and then decided to go with something else anyway.

What should I write about?

Some days I’m a hundred percent sure I want my blog to be solely about (digital) design and crafts. Other days I really feel the need for a space to talk about nail polish and Instagram is just not the right fit. I think I’ve figured it out quite well by now, but it’s just a matter of time before I paint my nails again and my mind’s changed all over again. Let’s put it this way: I’ll try to focus on (digital) design and crafts, but might throw in some lifestyle posts and updates on day to day life.

What’s in a name, right?

I wasted at least over half a year thinking whether I should stick to my old domain name or get a new one. I really urged towards a fresh start, but couldn’t come up with something I was happy with.

“Being busy” is not an excuse.

Nor something anyone should be proud of. I was always busy doing other things, thinking about 20 other projects which I would start but then never ‘finish’. Or doing laundry, for instance. Because hey, after I’ve tackled the laundry basket it’ll be gone forever! Let’s do that first! Wrong. Doing laundry is not as important as following your dreams. Nor is vacuuming, sweeping, watching yet another episode of Top Gear (guilty pleasure) or browsing Pinterest for an hour straight. I’m not encouraging you to quit on your household chores (or watching Top Gear, for that matter), but if you’re a neat freak like me it’s important to remember your priorities now and then. I’ll write this post now and clean out our cat’s litter box later.

So there you have it. Don’t waste so much time like I did. Get it done today, and finish it later. (Important lesson of the day!)

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Robin / website

Ik zei op Twitter alleen maar ‘eindelijk!’, maar ik bedoel natuurlijk ook: hoera! Heel leuk dat je weer een blog hebt en ik hoop op veel mooie blogs :) x

Hester / website

Ik ben je blog gaan volgen op Bloglovin’ in de tijd dat je niets publiceerde, dus je updates waren nu een hele verrassing, haha. Ik vind je site er wel echt heel nice uitzien, alleen de commentvakjes al! Ik ben benieuwd welke kant je op gaat met je blog! / website

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