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June 26th, 2014

Light + Ladder

Something I really love during the spring and summer months is bringing fresh flowers into our home. For the past few months I was forced to keep our apartment plant-free because our cat (who was still a kitten back then) would try to eat them or push them off the shelves. Fortunately he’s grown a bit older and wiser by now, so I might make a small detour past the flower shop this weekend to get something fresh to brighten up our home.

If like me you’re really excited about decorating with plants, I’m sure you’ll love these planters available at Light + Ladder. Have a look:

The hex planters are definitely my favorites. How cute are those?! Here’s a lovely setup I found on Pinterest today:

Found here.

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lies / website

mooi! ik vind uw stijl qua interieur erg mooi en wil ook ooit zo mijn huisje inrichten. bedankt voor alle inspiratie!

Elisa / website

Wat mooi! fijne Inspiratie

Céline / website

These pictures are so inspiring! Love them.


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