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A little about me

Oh, hi! I guess this is the point where I introduce myself, right? I used to be good at this but I must say, after more than a year of “not blogging” you kind of forget how it feels to write about yourself. Let’s give it a shot though:

I’m Gwendolyn, I’m 23 years old and from where I live, it’s exactly a two and a half hour drive to Paris as well as Amsterdam in opposite directions. And that excites me. (Not that I visit Paris that often, but having the opportunity to do so feels kind of liberating.) Together with my boyfriend and passive aggressive cat I live in a duplex apartment in the city centre of Kortrijk.

I work in advertising (my email signature states “Interactive Designer”), which I very much enjoy, and I’m very passionate about digital design and everything that comes with it. When I have the time, I like to paint, craft, decorate and make piñatas.

I really missed having a small space where I can talk about the things that make me happy and use as a creative outlet. So, welcome to my blog! Happy reading!

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